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McDaniels/McDonalds of Southwest Virginia and the Suttons/Petersons of Pennsylvania

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Jim & Mary Peterson 

The McDaniel/McDonald and Peterson families are our two main family lines. The McDaniel side includes Gannaway, Sexton, Cox, Bishop, Hays, Buchanan, Bonham, Lammie, and Campbell connections, and others. On the Peterson side, family names include Sutton, McIntyre, Wilson, Black, Seavers, and Abbott, among others. Both family lines originated out of the northeastern U.S.; primarily New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Maryland. The McDaniel/McDonald genealogy begins with Columbus McDaniel who settled around Chatham Hill, Va. in the 1790's and who married Betsy Bishop.  Columbus was my maternal third great grandfather.  Other family genealogies  - -

The Gannaway family connects with the McDaniels/McDonalds through Emaline Gannaway who married James Van Buren McDonald and begins with Capt. William Gannaway of Wythe Co., Va.

The Crowley family orginated in Ireland and connects with the McDaniels/McDonalds though Bessie Lee Crowley who married Solomon Randolph McDonald while the Ryans connect to the Crowley family through Eva Ryan who married Edward S. Crowley, the family immigrating from England.

The Sutton/Peterson family begins with James Sutton Peterson of New Jersey and Crawford Co., Pa.

The McIntyre family connects with the Sutton/Peterson line through Pearl McIntyre who married James Walter Peterson, while the Wilson family connects through Martha Morgan Wilson who married Isaiah Peterson.

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McDonald, Gannaway, Crowley, Ryan Families

Sutton/Peterson, McIntyre, Wilson Families


Is the information we have correct?  It's as correct as we could make it.  There are certainly "blanks" in the family lines for information which we just cannot verify to our satisfaction or for which simply no information exists.  We've used Census data, official birth, death, and marriage documents, obituaries and family documents like bibles, narratives, and personal writings.  That said, there are, no doubt, errors in our information.  That becomes a task for future researchers to improve upon.

For the McDaniel family, great credit is due to Ray G. Hulburt of Chicago who, in 1939, wrote his McDaniel family history which was found in 1987 in my mother's belongings after her death and which has provided the basis for all of our McDaniel/McDonald research since then. His detailed research made our job much easier and gave us a huge leg up on the process. Since May 2011 we have been privileged to make several trips to Smyth, Wythe, Washington and Montgomery Counties, along with the Maryland State Archives in Baltimore, the Library of Virginia and Virginia Historical Society in Richmond. During our trips, we've walked the hills and cemeteries which are tied to the Columbus McDaniel family from the late 1700's and were able to gather much additional information. Our thanks, particularly, go to Mr. C. Fox Hays of Chilhowie, Va. for his knowledge of the Rich Valley area. We also want to thank Jane Domjanovich Rosen and her sister Nancy Adnil Domjanovich for their assistance in identifying Columbus' daughter Agnes Ara Menter who we would never have known of without their help.  We also thank the Washington County Historical Society in Abingdon, Va., Wythe County Historical Society in Wytheville, Va., Smyth County Court House in Marion, Va., along with the Library of Virginia and Virginia Historical Society, both in Richmond, as well as the Anne Arundel County Historical Society in Glen Burnie, Md., all of which have been extremely helpful with our research.

As for the Sutton/Peterson family, aside from available documents on and, the majority of our research was aided by Jay Wade through his page, "The Culver Family Tree, Peterson Famly Tree, Allied Branches."  We sincerely appreciate his assistance and for accumulating more than 20,000 documents and photos.  Also we want to thank Mary Lou Peterson Carlson for providing us a large packet of information on the greater Peterson family which yielded a lot of useful information.

In addition to the above, we want to acknowledge some publications that helped immensely in our research:

"The Cox/Sexton Chronicles" by Carlotta Sanders Franklin (undated)
“Pioneer Heritage:  Genealogy of One Branch of the Hutton Family” by Roy Ball Hutton (1960)
"Smyth County History and Traditions" by Goodridge Wilson (1932)
"Pathfinders and Patriots" by Elizabeth Lemmon Sayers (1983)

Photo credits:

McDonald family collection
"Cox/Sexton Chronicles," Carlotta Sanders Franklin
Mr. C. Fox Hays, Chilhowie, Va.
Ms. Katherine Beattie, Chilhowie, Va.
Mr. Larry Douglass, Schertz, Tex.
Jane Domjanovich Rosen and Nancy Adnil Domjanovich, Calif.
Jay Wade (The Culver Famiy Tree, Peterson Family Tree, Allied Branches)

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