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The Sutton/Peterson Family of Pennsylvania

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The family begins with James Sutton who changed his name to Peterson during the Revolutionary War to avoid capture by the Colonists.  James Sutton was the son of Thomas Coates Sutton and Edith Abbott of New Jersey.  Thomas and Edith had nine children and the family, according to family lore, was loyal to the British Crown. 

To avoid capture, Thomas Coates Sutton moved his family to Crawford County, Pa., but the Colonists followed in search of his son James.  When confronted by the Colonists who were searching for James Sutton, Thomas Coates Sutton was asked about a man down the road.  He told them he was a man named Peterson.  Another version of the story holds that Thomas Coates Sutton told them that the man was Peter's son, a neighbor.  In either case, James took the name Peterson to evade the Colonists. 

The Suttons and Petersons were early settlers of Crawford County, Pa., but eventually, as with most folks of that time, the family began to spread west. 

Our thanks to Jay Wade for his terrific page, "The Culver Family, The Peterson Family, Allied Branches" and to Mary Lou Peterson Carlson for providing us a large amount of reference materials. 

The McIntyre family represents my paternal grandmother, Pearl McIntyre while the Wilson family is the line of my paternal great grandmother, Martha Morgan Wilson.

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