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The family of the John Sutton of Pennsylvania

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The Peterson family line begins with John Sutton who was born in 1680 in Frankford, Pa. and died January 6, 1722, in Oxford, Pa.  John married Parnella (last name unknown) and they had eight children.  An interesting thing happened to the Petersons during the Revolutionary War.  John's grandson, James Sutton changed the family name from Sutton to Peterson.  Family folklore goes (this is one version of the story) that James supported King George as did his brothers and he was known as a Tory because his family had been here for 100 years and they didn't see any reason to separate from England and apparently didn't want to be independent. The colonists had already burned James and his family out of their house in New Jersey, so they went to his father's (Thomas Coates Sutton) home in Pennsylvania. The colonists heard he was there and wanted to hang him. Rather than face death, he grabbed his wife and children and fled to Crawford County where he helped build the community of Greenwood, Pa. The colonists didn't know Thomas Coates and James were father and son. So James' father told the colonists that James wasn't his son, but rather was "Peter's son." Some guy named Peter lived down the road or nearby. Hence, James started using "Peterson" instead of "Sutton." His brothers joined him in later years; some kept the Sutton name, others changed to Peterson as well.

The family line covers seven generations and begins with John Sutton (#1) and follows down through Thomas Coates Sutton (#2), James Sutton Peterson (#3), Ezra Peterson (#4), Isaiah Peterson (#5), James Walter Peterson (#6) and ending with Otis Wilson Peterson (#7), my father:

  1. John Sutton, b. 1680  d. Jan 6, 1722, Frankford, Pa.  John married Parnella (last name unk.) b. 1684 and d. Aug 5, 1743 in Oxford, Pa.  They had eight children:

    Parnell Sutton, b. Unk., d. Unk. 
    John Sutton, b. 1700, Frankford, Pa., d. Unk. 
    Luke Sutton, b. 1702, Frankford, Pa., d. Unk. 
    Elizabeth Sutton, b. 1710, Frankford, Pa., d. Unk. 
    Ozwin Sutton, b. 1712, Frankford, Pa., d. Unk. 
    Thomas C. Sutton, b. 1715, Frankford, Pa., d. Dec. 1803, Pittsgrove, N.J. (see below)
    William Sutton, b. 1716, Frankford, Pa., d. Unk. 
    Mary Sutton, b. 1718, Frankford, Pa., d. Unk. 

  2. Thomas Coates Sutton, b. 1715, Frankford, Pa.  d. Dec 1803, Pittsgrove, N.J.  He married Edith Abbott, b. Unk., d. 1841.  They had nine children:

    Thomas Sutton, b. 1738, Red Bank, N.J., d. Sep. 1816, Pa.
    Jacob Sutton, b. 1740, Deptford, N.J., d. Jun. 17, 1778, Long Island City, N.Y.
    * John Sutton, b. 1744, Deptford, N.J., d. Mar. 13, 1819, Pittsgrove, Pa.
    * Joseph Sutton, b. 1744, Deptford, N.J., d. Mar. 13, 1819, Pittsgrove, Pa.
    James S. Sutton, Jan 2., 1746, Red Bank, N.J., d. Feb 16, 1837, Crawford Co., Pa. (see below)
    Moses Sutton, b. 1748, N.J., d. bef. Sep. 1816, Greenwood, Pa.
    Mary Sutton, b. 1750, Deptford, N.J., d. Sep. 1816, Middletown, Pa.
    Parnell Sutton, b. 1752, Red Bank, N.J., d. Sep. 1816, Nova Scotia, Canada
    Margaret Sutton, b. Sep. 1754, N.J., d. aft. 1816James Sutton Peterson headstone

    * John and Joseph may have been the same person given the identical years and dates of death. 

  3. James Sutton Peterson, b. Jan 2, 1746, Red Bank, N.J.  d.  Feb 16, 1837, Crawford Co., Pa.  James married Elizabeth Abbott, b. 1753, d. 1841, in Crawford Co., Pa.  Their 14 children were:

    Micah Peterson, b. Unk., d. Unk.
    Unknown, b. Unk., d. Unk.
    Uriah Peterson, b. 1771, Pittsgrove, Pa., d. 1865, Greenwood, Pa.
    Sara Peterson, b. Jul. 1, 1773, Pittsgrove, Pa., d. Mar. 23, 1842, Columbia, Mo.
    Thomas Peterson, b. 1775, Pittsgrove, Pa., d. Unk.
    Anna Peterson, b. Nov. 2, 1778, Pittsgrove, Pa., d. Oct. 7, 1870, Greenwood Pa.
    James Peterson, Jr., b. 1784, N.J., d. 1822, N.J. 
    Amos Peterson, b. 1786, Pike Run, Pa., d. Jun. 15, 1840, Greenwood, Pa.
    Rhoda Peterson, b. 1787, Salem Co., N.J., d. 1855, Crawford Co., Pa.
    Mary Peterson, b. 1788, Washington Co., Pa., d. 1874, Brown Co., Ill.
    Elizabeth Peterson, b. Sep. 24, 1790, Washington Co., Pa., d. May 24, 1884, Crawford Co., Pa.
    Ruth Peterson, b. Sep. 24, 1790, N.J., d. Jan. 1839, Rushville, Ill. 
    John T. Peterson, b. 1792, N.J., d. 1881, N.J.
    Ezra Peterson, b. 1794, N.J., d. 1854, Pike Run, Pa. (see below)

  4. Ezra Peterson, b. 1794, N.J.  d.  1854, Pike Run, Pa.  Ezra was married to Mary McFadden, b. 1793 at Pine Creek, Pa. and d. Jan. 2, 1867 at Greenwood, Pa.  They has 13 children as shown below: Isaiah Peterson headstone

    David Peterson, b. 1814, d. 1856
    James Peterson, b. 1816, Pa., d. 1849
    Rosanna Peterson, Nov 8, 1818, Crawford Co., Pa., d. Feb. 24, 1871, Conneault, Pa.
    Theophilius Peterson, Dec. 14, 1819, Crawford Co., Pa., d. Jun. 18, 1902, Cochranton, Pa.
    Jesse Peterson, Feb. 14, 1821, Greenwood., Pa., d. May 3, 1885, Childers, Okla.
    Ezra Peterson, Jr., b. Dec. 1, 1821, Greenwood, Pa., d. Jun. 8, 1858, Crawford Co., Pa.
    Elizabeth Peterson, b. Mar. 21, 1824, Greenwood, Pa., d. Sep. 1, 1909, Greenwood, Pa.
    Ragan Peterson, b. Jul. 2, 1827, Greenwood, Pa., d. Apr. 14, 1915, Rocky Grove, Pa.
    Howard Peterson, b. abt. 1827, Pa., d. Unk.
    Louise Peterson, Nov. 1, 1830, Greenwood, Pa., d. Dec. 11, 1849, Geneva, Pa.
    Isaiah C. Peterson, b. Dec 22, 1833, Pa., d. Apr. 1, 1916, Wildcat, Kan. (see below)
    Emily Ann Peterson, b. Aug. 25, 1836, Greenwood, Pa., d. Mar. 21, 1888, Greenwood, Pa.
    Sarah Peterson, b. Mar. 10, 1839, Greenwood, Pa., d. Jul. 27, 1840, Greenwood, Pa.

  5. Isaiah C. Peterson, b. Dec 22, 1833, Pa.  d.  Apr 1, 1916, Wildcat, Kan.  Isaiah married Martha Morgan Wilson, b. Mar. 1848, in Bates, Mo., and d. after 1924.  Isaiah and Martha had 10 children of which only four were named and survived:

    Ora Peterson, b. 1879, N.M.  d.  bef. 1910
    Andrew A. Peterson  b. Jan 19, 1884, Dennison, Tex. d.  Oct 14, 1963, Howard, Kan.
    James Walter Peterson, b. Apr. 5, 1888, d. Jan. 11, 1965, Wilmington, Calif. (see below)
    Grover C. Peterson, b.  Feb 28, 1889, McAlester, Okla.  d. Unk.
    Plus 6 other unnamed children who died prior to the 1900 Census

  6. James Walter Peterson, b. Apr 5, 1888, Gainsville, Tex.  d. Jan 11, 1965, Wilmington, Calif.  He married Pearl M. McIntyre, b. Nov. 20, 1890 in Ruskin, Neb. and d. Dec. 3, 1987 in Wilmington, Calif.  James and Pearl had five children:

    Otis Wilson Peterson, b.  Nov 5, 1912, Fremont, Neb.  d.  Oct. 16, 1974, Lomita, Calif. (see below)
    Vada E. Peterson, b. Nov 30, 1914, Fremont, Neb.,  d.  Apr 8, 2000, San Marco, Calif.
    Walter A. Peterson, b. Nov 10, 1916, Wildcat, Kan.,  d.  Jan 30, 1994, Whittier, Calif.
    Betty Jo Peterson, b. 1921, Wildcat, Kan.
    Martha J. Peterson,  b.  Dec 19, 1924, Wilmington, Calif.

    James worked for years as a pipefitter for the Borax Company in California and prior to that, he was a farmer in Nebraska.

  7. Otis Wilson Peterson, b. Nov 5, 1912, Fremont, Neb., d. Oct. 16, 1974, Lomita, Calif.  Otis married Virginia Ann McDonald, b. May 24, 1915, Council Bluffs, Iowa  d. Apr 27, 1987, Escondido, Calif.  They were married Jul. 24, 1937 in Wilmington, Calif. and had two children:

    James Walter Peterson, b. Jan. 30, 1947, Long Beach, Calif.
    Randy Otis Peterson, b. Nov. 18, 1952, Sacramento, Calif.

    Otis served in the Air Force (then the Army Air Corps) from 1942 until 1964 when he retired at the grade of Senior Master Sergeant and then was advanced to the grade of Flight Officer based on his wartime service rank.  Much of his time in his early service was spent as a flight engineer on B-29s.  Later in life, one of his hidden talents was revealed to his son, Randy.  In 1974, Otis went fishing with Randy in Fallbrook, Calif., and Randy relates the following story:  "about noon the next day dad walked down through the avocado grove to the lake which was located near the ranch house and dad and I went fishing as Ed had previously stocked his private lake with Bass and Trout. I had previously fished quite a bit with my friends in So. Cal. and I thought I could easily "out fish" dad. Turns out that Dad had a lot of experience fresh water fishing, as a young man, and he held the fishing pole in his right hand and "gently worked" the line using his left hand and hauled in one fish after another. I spent more time grabbing the net, unhooking and releasing Dad's fish that afteroon that I did on my own pole."

Site last updated: 12/13/2013